Conversation is the simplest, oldest and most effective way for people to communicate. Yet too many people find conversations intimidating. Here are well-tested conversational practices that offer real support for leaders to discover the extraordinary benefits of communicating well.

Margaret J. Wheatley,  Author of Turning to One Another, Leadership and the New Science and other books.


Four Conversations’ takes the old ideas of workplace communication to an entirely new level of effectiveness and ease.

– Jack Stack, President and CEO, SRC Holdings Corp. and author of The Great Game of Business


The Four Conversations book is a seminal work that shows leaders how to move from unproductive chatter to conversations that make things happen. As the speed of business and life accelerate, the principles in this book are required for success.

– Dave Logan, Professor at Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. Cofounder and senior partner,CultureSync and bestselling author of Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance


This work by Jeffrey and Laurie Ford is compelling. While there is much literature on the content of effective management – the concepts, models, vocabulary and acronyms – there is almost nothing on the conversational competence essential to being an effective manager, leader, or executive. Recognizing and being adept with these four conversations is crucial for anyone who aspires to effective management.

– Brian Stuhlmuller
, Former CEO of Mission Control Productivity, Inc. and MediMedia Information Technologies and currently Partner, Distinctions, Inc.


I’ve got nothing but praise for this book. Literally, from beginning to end, I was impressed with the concrete, real-life scenarios the authors used to demonstrate their points. This is good, solid material, presented in a way that clearly communicates the value of using four types of conversations consciously and deliberately. As a manager myself, I’ve got an initiative conversation in mind for my next weekly staff meeting.

– Chris Lee, An experienced manager of creative types, former editor-in-chief of Training magazine and currently editor of Midwest Home magazine in Minneapolis


The Four Conversations offers insight and clarity about the way we speak to one another. Its perceptive observations and real-life examples are valuable in enhancing daily communication with friends and family and indispensable to anyone attempting transformative change.

– Cheryl Roberto, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio


This book captures the critical elements of meaningful workplace conversation in a way that will help managers communicate more effectively. The Four Conversations is filled with examples that will improve both performance and engagement.

– Cindy Ventrice, Author of Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works