Welcome to The Four Conversations: Daily Communication that Gets Results Online Course

In this 8 session program, you will learn how to use each of the four conversations completely and appropriately, thereby increasing your effectiveness not only at work, but in life as well.

Session 1: Introduction to The Four Conversations

Step 1: Download and complete the Communication Practices Inventory

  • Make this an online, interactive form
  • Have the scoring create a personal profile that is saved for the participant
  • Have the questions from this form that are relevant to the specific conversation – Initiative, Understanding, Performance, Closure – reappear in the lessons that address those topics.

Step 2: Watch this Video (4.29 min)

  • Should this section include places for people to pause the video and answer questions, i.e., outlining a particular situation they are dealing with or defining what they want to produce from participating in this program?
  • While this is not the final version of the video, this basic information will be included in the lessons. Is the length good? Should it be placed first in the sequence?
  • Should the video be visible when the user goes to the page?

Step 3: Watch this Presentation (5.35 min)

  • Does the presentation need to have more movement in it like titles moving and out?
  • Should people be able to download an outline form of the presentations?
  • Should branding and copyright be on every page?
  • Is this the right place for the presentation?
  • Should there be opportunities during or after the presentation for people to do exercises?
  • What is an appropriate balance of “watching” and “doing”?