The Manager Subscription

The Manager Subscription provides your link to a Group Workplace Assessment. You will receive a unique URL to share with everyone in your department, team, or division. Each person in the group can take the Group Workplace Assessment to identify which of 56 workplace communication issues they see most frequently. Results will be summarized for the whole group, in a Group Results & Recommendations report that pinpoints the top issues reported by the group. This report includes recommendations on how to make simple changes in communication practices to eliminate or reduce those issues. After obtaining your Group Results & Recommendations report, the data can be cleared so you can reuse the same URL. Good for 60 days, your subscription allows enough time to do a follow-up survey, so you can see what has changed. $24.99.  Purchase it today.

Running Your Survey

Purchase the Manager Subscription to the Group Workplace Assessment.

  1. Once the order is placed, your dashboard will be created. Login information will be sent to you when your dashboard is ready.
  2. You will also receive, as a confirmation of your purchase, a link to the instruction page, so that you can start planning how and when you want your Assessment to take place.

Set up your dashboard after you log in.

  1. Get the unique URL that will give group members access to their unique Group Workplace Assessment from the “My Questionnaire” button; and
  2. Determine the best time to perform the Group Workplace Assessment, including when the URL linking to the Assessment will be released to each group, and what the “due date” will be for all individual Assessment responses to be submitted.

Communicate with group members. Create the email that will go out to your group members. NOTE: There is a sample email for you to customize included in your instructions, which states the purpose and/or the importance of the Group Workplace Assessment, and gives all necessary information including these two Assessment requirements:

  1. Participants will use their work email address to ensure that their results are included in the totals – with assurances of confidentiality: NO connection will be made between anyone’s Survey responses and their email address; and
  2. Participants are asked to submit their Assessment results by the specified “due date”.

Monitor participation. On your dashboard, the “My Assessment” menu allows you to see how many people in the group have completed the Group Workplace Assessment and submitted their responses. This will let you know when, and if, you need to send out reminders to get a higher response rate before the Assessment deadline.

After the deadline, you can download the Group Results & Recommendations report. This report is an Excel spreadsheet that ranks the frequency of workplace issues observed by your group members, from the most frequent to the least commonly observed. Each group member is identified only by a “user number”, without any personal identifier. The Group Results & Recommendations report includes recommendations on how to resolve the three most frequently occurring workplace issues.

Share the results, capture ideas, and facilitate discussions for implementing solutions.

  1. Determine when, and how, to send all participants their copy of the Group Results & Recommendations report.
  2. Request that each participant review the Group Results & Recommendations report and prepare some comments and suggestions to bring to a meeting for discussing the results of the Group Workplace Assessment.
  3. Schedule and arrange meeting places – or video/phone lines – to discuss the results and create ideas on how to implement the recommendations for improving communication practices.
  4. Create a plan and a schedule for subsequent meetings, within or between sub-groups, to test the ideas and customize solutions for selected areas of communication to be strengthened.
  5. Facilitate those meetings to support the development and practice of new communication habits within and between sub-groups.

Decide if – and when – to re-use the URL for follow-up. If you chose to re-use the URL, click on the Clear Data button before sending out the URL.

Manager Subscription Instructions

1.  Go to the login page and log in. After you have purchased The Manager Subscription, you will receive a URL, a Username, and Password to log in to your unique and private “Manager’s Dashboard”. You will also receive a detailed set of instructions, summarized below.

2. Set up your Dashboard:

  • The Questionnaire automatically lists your last name in the title. By changing your last name in profile, you will change the name visible on the questionnaire.
  • Click on “My Questionnaire” in the upper right corner to open the questionnaire that is exclusive to your group.
  • At the top left of your group’s questionnaire, you will see the “Group Member URL” that you will send to each of the people in your group so they can access and complete their own Workplace Communication Assessment.

3. Communicate with the members of your group: You will receive (in your set of instructions) a sample email that you can customize to send to group members. You will send your group members an email to inform them about the purpose and importance of the survey as well as the requirement for using their work email address to be sure their results are included in the totals.

  • You will also give them a “due date” by when you want the results – and assure them of confidentiality of their responses, which will not be associated with their emails.

4. Observe participation. You can check to see how participation is progressing, and whether everyone has submitted their responses, by looking at the Email list and the Analysis Report (having one column for each set of User results submitted).

  • NOTE: Do not clear the data in this record until you have all the submissions you want from your group.

5. After the deadline, download the final reports. Analysis Report – Shows each person’s submission (identified only by a “User number”, not a personal identifier). This report is an Excel spreadsheet that ranks the Workplace Communication issues observed by your group members from the most frequent to the least frequently observed.

6. Share and discuss the results. For best outcomes, send out the final report to all participants, and schedule one or more meetings to review the results and discuss ways to implement the recommendations.

7. If you want to re-use the URL for another group, you can remove the data by clicking on the Clear Record button. This allows you to re-use the URL again during your 60-day subscription.