Group Workplace Assessments

The Group Workplace Assessments allow you see what the people in your workplace have to say about the quality and effectiveness of the work habits and communications they experience on a daily basis. You will also learn which of these common workplace issues are the most challenging for your group members:

  • Lateness – People having to wait for work results, or wait for people to show up;
  • Poor work quality – Tasks or processes are not well done, incomplete, or inaccurate;
  • Difficult people – Some people being consistently hard to work with;
  • Lack of teamwork – People not working together or helping each other;
  • Poor planning and workload overwhelm – Too much work to do in too little time;
  • Insufficient resources and support – Not having what’s needed to do the work properly;
  • Lack of accountability – People not “owning” their jobs or honoring their agreements; and
  • Incomplete conversations – Problems and projects lingering without resolution.

Each survey results report includes recommendations on how to reduce or eliminate the most bothersome workplace issues by making just a few simple changes in communication. Some examples may include ways to:

  • Make clearer requests and agreements;
  • Follow up in the right way with the right people at the right times;
  • Discuss new projects early to clarify changes in work assignments and communications; or
  • Debrief and close out projects before launching new ones.

Many organizations have used this diagnostic tool to define and resolve issues that were thought to be chronic. When you purchase your private URL, you and your group members will be able to take the 56-question Group Workplace Assessment, have the results analyzed, and see the rankings of the workplace issues – from the most frequent to the least. These issues are associated with unclear or incomplete communications, so the recommendations for simple changes will help people to reduce those problems quickly.

Order the Group Workplace Assessment subscription that works for your needs and get your password to access the Group Communication Analysis Report. Start enhancing your organizations effectiveness today.

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Group Assessment: How It Works

A Group Assessment gives you a unique URL that allows all of the people in your group – a team, department, organization – to take a customized Workplace Communication Assessment that adds everyone’s responses together to give you a profile of what they say are the biggest challenges at work. Here are the steps:

  1. You will receive your own private link to access the 56-question survey.
  2. Then you can send an email to the people in your group or department to give them the link (a sample email is included in your instructions) to let them know that you want them to take the survey, and to give them a date by which you want them to have it completed. You will also want to assure them that this survey can be used by multiple people while retaining the confidentiality of their individual responses.
  3. You will be able to see which people have completed the survey, because, in order to submit the survey, they are required to put in their email address. By clicking the “Download Emails” button, you can see an alphabetized list of people who have submitted answers to the questions. You will not be able to see who said what.
  4. As the deadline approaches, you can send out reminders to nudge people who have not yet responded to take the survey and identify the workplace issues they see most often.
  5. The day after your deadline date, you can go to your private URL and download the data, which will be summarized into a group “profile” that shows the group-averaged answer to each of the 56 questions, as well as recommendations on how to improve communication in the three most frequent areas.

You will benefit most by sharing this report with your group so that everyone can see – and discuss – the most frequent issues and the information on making improvements by altering specific communication practices. Discussion by the whole group would review the rankings of all 56 issues, especially the “Top Ten” issues – and the “Bottom Ten” ones are not a problem in your workplace – as well as the recommendations for making changes. This is a discussion on your group’s strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for change, and it will open up ideas for how to improve communication in small new ways that can have a big impact.

If you would like to speak with someone about any of the Group Assessments, please provide days and times when you are available for a phone conversation. If outside the United States, please provide your Skype id. Thank you!

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