Initiative Conversations

An Introduction to More Effective Communication (16 min, 39 sec)

An introduction to the barriers and challenges that limit our success at work and to the four productive conversations that can reduce and remove these barriers.

Initiative Conversations (11 min, 31 sec)

How we propose new ideas to people makes a big difference in whether they are accepted.  This video explores Initiative Conversations which are key to successfully introducing new ideas or changes to others.

Initiative Statements (8 min, 21 sec)

Initiative Conversations are generally launched with initiative statements in which you say what it is you want to start or accomplish, when you want to start or accomplish it, and why starting or accomplishing it is of value. In this video, Jeffrey explains to a group of managers and executives the things to consider in preparing an initiative statement.  It is recommended that you watch this video before you watch the next video on Designing an Initiative Statement Exercise in which you actually practice creating an Initiative Statement.

Designing an Initiative Statement Exercise (3 min, 52 sec)

In this video, Jeffrey takes you through designing a complete Initiative Statement that includes both the accomplishment ingredients and the resource ingredients.  It is recommended that you watch the prior video on Initiative Statements before doing this exercise.  You will also want to complete the Initiative Statement Exercise Worksheet pdf.  We recommend you download and print it out so that you can work on it along with Jeffrey as he goes through the exercise.

Some Tips on Initiative Conversations (4 min, 7 sec)

In this video, Jeffrey provides some tips regarding the use and value of Initiative Conversations.