Award-Winning Book Becomes Online Problem Solver:
The Four Conversations Continue Online

Columbus, Ohio – November 18, 2015: Jeffrey and Laurie Ford, authors of the award-winning management book, The Four Conversations: Daily Communication that Gets Results, are now offering free assessments for personal and workplace communications on their website,

The Personal Communication Assessment poses 20 questions that reveal the effectiveness of one’s conversations. The Workplace Communication Assessment consists of 56 statements describing a range of workplace issues: lateness, poor work quality, difficult people, lack of teamwork, poor planning and workload overwhelm, insufficient resources and support, lack of accountability, and incomplete conversations.

The authors, a Professor of Management and a Management Consultant, created the assessments to address the seemingly chronic workplace issues of their consulting clients. Managers who used the tool increased work accuracy and timeliness by 25% or more.

A department manager who tried the assessment tool was inspired to share it with her staff. The results helped them identify and prioritize challenges: “We picked the most frequently seen problem and noticed a difference before the week was out,” she noted.

Jeffrey Ford, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Management with the Max M. Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University. Prior to joining Fisher, he served on the faculties of the Institute of Management and Labor Research at Rutgers University and the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University.

Laurie Ford, Ph.D., is a management consultant, researcher, writer and teacher. Laurie was a consultant with Arthur Young in Washington D.C., and advised scores of private clients, including Intel, the Department of Energy, NASA and the Ohio State Medical Association.