Dear group members,

We are going to take a good look to see if we can identify the Top Three most bothersome issues in our workplace – and then fix them, of course. Let’s each take a confidential survey to answer 56 questions about counter-productive situations we encounter at work. The system will total up all of our answers and give us a Group Results Report summarizing what we observe, along with some ideas for how to reduce the problems by making simple changes in our communication habits.

I hope each of you will participate, and join me in making our workplace more pleasant, positive, and productive. Here’s what to know:

  1. In order to take the survey and have your responses included in the final Group Results Report, you will need to provide your email address. Your responses will be confidential – no one will see your personal answers, including me. Responses will be added up to give us only the Group totals and averages for each question.
  2. Here is the unique URL for our exclusive Group Workplace Assessment: (______________). Please click on that link and answer the 56 questions with your honest view of what you see here at work. Your job will be to say how often (from never to almost-always) you see certain situations or interactions that may be counter-productive at work.
  3. There is a due date: please complete this exercise by (Day___ & Time ___). At that time, I will check to see that we have all the responses we need, and download the Group Results Report showing our biggest (and smallest) issues. Then we can talk about which one(s) to tackle first.
  4. At our next meeting (Day___ & Time ___) we will talk about the Assessment, the results, and the benefits of learning more about workplace communication and improving our communication habits.

If you want to learn more about workplace communication, you can go to the www.usingthefourconversations website. You are welcome to take the (free) Personal Communication Assessment if you like, and you may find other useful information on the website as well – including the Group Assessment like the one that we will do.

Thank you very much for being part of making our workplace a nicer and more effective place to be.