Consultant Subscription Instructions: 7 steps, with Screen Shots

Step 1. Login

Go to the login page  and enter the username and password you were emailed. Press the login button.

The dashboard has been customized for you, listing your first name and last name on the landing page.

The three icons following your name allow you to return to the landing page (house), edit your profile and personalize your password (pencil) and logout (logout button).

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.03.07 AM

Step 2. Set up your Dashboard.

The cells to the right of the group numbers can be edited and changed as needed to identify which Questionnaire was assigned to what group. Click in the window opposite the appropriate group number and add the name of the group.

Click on the save button to preserve the information after entering it. A message stating Date Updated will confirms that your entries have been saved. The group name you assign will appear as a title on the survey. Once the survey period starts, the group name should not be changed.

Data Updated

Step 3. Communicate with the members of your group.

Click on the “WCA Questionnaires” button in the upper right hand corner. The button opens the menu providing the urls your groups must access to complete the assessment.

Click on the appropriate group number to open the questionnaire and access the url. An exclusive questionnaire assigned to that group number will open in a new window. Copy the url in the address window and share it with the appropriate group. A sample email is available here. The url shown below is merely an example. Each of your five groups will have unique urls.

Participants will now be able to complete the assessment. They must provide their email addresses in order to submit their responses. To assure the confidentiality of the submissions, the emails are saved but are not linked to the submissions. The alphabetized email list is available to download.

Step 4. Observe participation.

The My Assessments menu provides access to the questionnaire responses from each of the five groups.

You can quickly determine the number of people that have submitted responses by totaling the numbers across one of the rows or downloading the email list. Be sure to total more than one row since not all people answer every question. The responses have been sorted into eight categories – lateness, poor quality work, difficult people, lack of teamwork, poor planning and workload overwhelm, insufficient resources and lack of support, lack of accountability and incomplete conversations.

Email list – You can download the alphabetized list of participants’ emails to determine whether everyone has completed their assessment by clicking on the Download Emails button. Participants might need a reminder of the survey deadline.

Download Emails

Step 5. After the deadline

Download the reports.

The data from each questionnaire is available for you to download from the group assessment page – the raw data, the analysis ranking the communication issues in your organization from most frequent to least plus recommendations on how to resolve the three most frequently occurring issues, and a list of the emails of people who have completed the survey. By clicking the button.

Analysis Report – The analysis report is an Excel spreadsheet ranking the workplace communication issues by frequency starting with the most frequent occurring issue. The category of the issues is displayed. The total points are tallied and the issues listed by the average score. A sample is displayed below.

The Analysis Report includes recommendations on addressing the three most frequently occurring issues. Here’s a sample of the recommendations.


Step 6. Share and discuss the Results.

Once you have downloaded and saved your copies of the Raw Data and the Analysis Reports, it is recommended that you arrange for time to discuss the results from the group, including how you will implement the recommendations for improving communication.

Step 7. Reuse the URL 

Once the questionnaire deadline has passed and all of the reports have been downloaded, the data can be removed by clicking the Clear Record button. This allows you to reuse the questionnaire url as often as needed during your year-long day subscription.

Clear Data


Remember to logout from your dashboard using the Logout button. All of your other open dashboard windows will no longer be active once you logout.


Thank you for your purchase. If you have questions about how to address the communication issues in your organization or need technical support, please email us.