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Managing Performance – From a Distance

Managers are familiar with their own “performance circle” for getting their Departmental or Group goals accomplished. If their “goal team” is now scattered, with members working in different places or at different times, it is time to train those people to see what a manager sees.

The Management vs. Leadership Debate

It’s time to stop the “leaders are special people” conversation and pay attention to what is actually happening throughout the hierarchy of organizations. Putting a halo on the people at the very top, or on people of certain “types” or “styles” is not useful. Management is necessary and valuable, and managers are worth hearing, honoring and supporting.

Feeling and Thinking Happen Inside Us.  Communication Happens Between Us.

There is some connection between the world of our feelings and thoughts and the world of our actions and communications, but we don’t know much about what it is. Still, if you practice acting and communicating, and listen openly others, you can discover “how you come across”.