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Step #6 – Problems & Solutions: Work Plans and Follow-Up

Here’s the end of the Case Study on using a Group Workplace Assessment – it shows how this client solved 3 nasty workplace problems that were identified by his own managers and staff. He was pleased with the results, and got new momentum in his organization.

Step #2 – Choosing an Assessment to Identify Biggest Workplace Problems

Step #2 in this case study shows how one manager learned the name – out of eight types of workplace problems – of the biggest problem he kept seeing in his organization. He decided to find out if everyone else was seeing the same thing. (Spoiler alert: they weren’t.)

Accountability is a Manager’s Job – Not an Employee’s Mindset

Don’t look for accountability in a person. Create the structures and agreements that support a shared understanding of Who is responsible for producing What results and When those results are due. Then establish regular meetings to update the status of those agreements and modify them as needed.