I’m Really Sorry

Whatta mess! I apologize for the Way-Too-Many emails you must have received from your subscription to the Four Conversations blog. It was an error on the part of a “Tech Support” person. I know one of you received 21 emails, another received 27 emails, and I hope none of you received the 287 that I got. The Tech is now aware of the error, and the cost to subscribers in time (deleting all the darn things) and mood (exploring your range of annoyance to outrage is no picnic, right?).

So I’m really sorry, and am doing all I can to be sure it never happens again. Please feel free to drop me a note about any special concerns or inconveniences you endured with this deluge.

I wish you all a great Thursday, and appreciate the value of closure conversations.

Best regards, from Laurie Ford

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