Using The Four Conversations

THE FOUR CONVERSATIONS: Daily Communication that Gets Results

by Jeffrey Ford and Laurie Ford

Rated #5 BEST BUSINESS BOOK for 2009 by Toronto’s The Globe and Mail

Talk is powerful. Engaging in the right conversation at the right time is key to both personal and organizational success. And it’s not just ‘difficult’ or ‘crucial’ conversations that matter. The Four Conversations is a book (and now it’s also an online program too) that clearly demonstrates everyday dialogues vital for successful, satisfying, and productive relationships. In this book you will:

  • Explore how even small changes in the way you talk can produce extraordinarily positive outcomes,
  • Learn how to get maximum results from four types of everyday conversations, and
  • Discover how to put the four conversations into practice using sample dialogues and personal stories.

Armed with a solid body of research and their own first-hand observations, Jeffrey and Laurie Ford identify four types of conversations that each of us can use to get things done: Initiative Conversations to introduce something new; Understanding Conversations to engage people in new ideas or processes; Performance Conversations to support commitment to taking specific actions and producing specific results; and Closure Conversations to complete the past and create a sense of accomplishment for yourself and others. Learn about the specific ingredients that make each of these conversations useful and effective — plus see how the conversations can be put together in different ways to achieve different objectives.

“The Four Conversations” demonstrates how to use the right conversation at the right time — planning and starting each one well, and finishing every conversation effectively — to improve the productivity our organizations need while also strengthening the experience of value and connection that people at work want and deserve. Through dozens of personal stories and sample dialogues, the authors illustrate how real people in real situations have used the four conversations, either alone or in combination, to effectively address common workplace problems and lay the foundations for enduring success: better relationships, stronger engagement in reaching goals, and an authentic sense of personal and professional achievement for everyone.

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